Installing with CocoaPods is identical to the normal install except for step 1.

1. Add the Sparkle framework to your project

  • Add pod 'Sparkle' to your Podfile.
  • Add or uncomment use_frameworks! in your Podfile.

2. Code Signing Sparkle

If you are using Xcode 7 or later, this step is automatically handled and should be skipped.

If the application is signed, then the framework must be also signed via a build script (courtesy of

Add a ‘Run Script’ build phase after the ‘Copy Pods Resources’ phase and enter the following script (you’ll need to substitute ‘Example’ with your own iTunes identity):


  # Usually set by Xcode
  CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="Developer ID Application: Example"

  codesign --verbose --force --sign "$CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY" "$LOCATION/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A"

3. Finalizing

Build your project to confirm that it builds and signs the framework, then continue with the basic setup.

The Sparkle Project maintains its own CocoaPod Podspec and it is kept up-to-update in sync with official releases.